Friday, 19 May 2017

Mini Athletics meet

On a very wet Thursday a team of children from all years took part in a Mini Athletics Meet at Garden Fields.  All the children ran a sprint event and relay, with year 6 also competing in a 600 m race and throwing.  The final race was a medley relay with a child from each year running a length. 
It was a very exciting event and the scoring was very close with our team winning by just 3 points.  WELL DONE TO ALL WHO TOOK PART!!

All the children were amazing especially considering the awful wet and cold conditions and a credit to the school.  Thanks to the parents who came along and supported.

Mrs Astley and Miss Brown

Monday, 15 May 2017

Maverick Netball Workshop 12.5.17

We were so lucky to be offered the chance for our children to have some specialist training from Ashleigh Neal, who plays netball for the Hertfordshire Mavericks.
Years 4,5 and 6 came along and after a fun warm up of Tag Toes, the children were given drills to improve their throwing, catching and dodging. They finished off with a small game.
The weather was lovely and the children really enjoyed this fantastic opportunity. We are hoping this has encouraged Yrs 4 and 5 to think about our school Netball Club for September.
Miss Brown
Pictures to follow.
The Mavericks are playing Loughborough on Sky Mix tonight if you would like to see Ash playing.

What a great afternoon and a super group of Bernards Heath children

Friday, 12 May 2017

Years 3 and 4 football match v Margaret Wix

On Thursday we took two very excited teams to play friendly football matches against Margaret Wix.  The year 4 team played against a team of year 5 boys and did extremely well.  As they had not played as a team before they got off to a slow start and Margaret Wix scored first.  However, they boys didn't let that worry them and they quickly replied with a goal.  The game was very exciting with great attacking and defending form the boys, not to mention super goal keeping skills.  By the end of the game we had scored another two goals and won the game 3-2.

In the year 3 game they played against a mixture of year 2, 3 and 4 boys from Margaret Wix.  The boys did really well with some good passing.  They worked hard to defend and on a number of occasions were close to scoring.  Unfortunately, with the advantage of some strong year 4 players, Margaret Wix scored so that the final result was 3-0 to Margaret Wix.
I was very pleased with the team, many of whom had not played together before. They showed a great team spirit and never game up.

Well done to all the boys who played.
Mrs Astley

Monday, 8 May 2017

Tri Golf Competition

On Friday a year 4 team took part in a Tri Golf competition at Centurion Golf Club.  The whole event was amazing and very well run as it was part of a much larger Golf Six event with lots of professional golf players taking part.  The children were taken to the stands at the first tee and watched and supported the professionals from around the world teeing off.
 During our competition the children were visited by a number of golf pros who entertained the children with various shots, even using the Tri- golf plastic clubs.
Our children were divided into 2 teams and has to complete 6 Tri -Golf challenges using putting and chipping skills.  Their scores were then added up   By the end of the competition one team came 3rd and the other one came 2nd by just 7 points.
The children and I had a fantastic afternoon.  Thanks also to Mr Lasbrey who stayed to help and I think also enjoyed the event.

Mrs Astley

Year 6 Football Tournament Finals

Having successfully got through the preliminary round our Year 6 football team took part in the finals at Colney Heath on Saturday morning.  The boys had to play 5 games of 10 minutes against other schools from St Albans.  Our first game was against the favourites, but we managed to hold them off only losing 1-0.  Unfortunately it wasn't going to be our day and we just couldn't find the net despite playing well.  From the final results we were not able to progress any further.
This was the last time the boys will play for Bernards Heath and I wish them well playing football in the future.  It has been a pleasure to manage them.
Thank you also to all the parents who have helped with lifts and supported the boys in their matches.

Mrs Astley