Saturday, 20 June 2015

School Games Day

Our School Games Day was started on Friday by a special assembly when we remembered the Olympic Values and how we can use those not only in sport but also in our every day lives.

Then on Monday the children came in dressed in their house colours ready to start the sporting activities.  So that every child had the opportunity to take part in a track event we started in the morning, first with Years 5 and 6 and then later with Years 3 and 4.  There were a variety of track races including; dressing up relay, obstacle course relay and 'egg and spoon' relay, as well as the tradional individual sprints and house relays.

After lunch the children were put into house groups and moved round a giant circuit of sporting activities such as; ladder relay, netball shoot, skipping and many more.   At the end of the afternoon all the points were added up to decide on the house winners for the School games Day.
And the winners were...Topaz.

All the teachers agreed that it was a fantastic day (we were lucky with the weather) and that the children were a credit to the school with brilliant sportsmanship and teamwork shown throughout the day.   I hope all the parents who came along enjoyed the day.  Thank you for coming and supporting the event.