Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mini Triathlon Event

On Tuesday morning 12 young people from different year groups; year 3 to 5 went to Samuel Ryder Academy to participate in a non competitive Mini Triathlon event organised by the British Triathlon Foundation Trust.  The group started the event with a swim, followed by a bike ride and finished off with a run. The events were very fast and demanding with no break in-between activities, all participants were rewarded with a medal for great effort and taking part.

It was perfect weather at Samuel Ryder Academy for the Mini Triathlon, all of our students showed great enthusiasm, determination and sportsmanship throughout all three events. After the event they all said how they really enjoyed it and some even said they wished it lasted longer. A big thank you to parents who helped with transport to and from.

Mrs Astley 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Year 3 Boys Football vs Cunningham

On Thursday we took 8 year 3 boys to play against Cunningham Hill to play a friendly football match. The match was divided into four 10 minutes games to allow lots of rotation, Many of the players were playing their second game for the school so were very excited.

Mrs Astley

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Year 4 & 5 football match vs Cunningham Hill Junior School

On Tuesday we took a team from year 4 and 5 to play against Cunningham Hill for a friendly football match. Both teams played in great spirit during the matches and gave it their best. The games was disrupted by some awful rain which made the playing surface very hard to play on, our year 4 team won and the year 5 team lost.

Mrs Astley

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Girls Football Tournament

On Saturday morning our girl's football team played in the St Albans tournament at Fleetville School.  We played 4 games in the pool stage, loosing 2 games and drawing 2 games.  This meant unfortunately that we did not have enough points to go through to the next round.  The girls played well and showed great team spirit, which they have all season.  I have enjoyed taking the team this year and wish them all well for the future.   Thank you also to the parents for helping with lifts and supporting the girls in their matches.
Mrs Astley

Year 3 football v Wheatfields

On Friday we took 24 year 3 boys and girls to Wheatfields to play 3 friendly football games. All the children were very excited to be playing their first game for the school.  It was lovely to see so many of our younger children enjoying playing football.  
Thank you to Mrs Hall to supporting the teams and to the parents who came along to watch.
Mrs Astley

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

St Albans Cricket Tournament

This afternoon a team of 6 boys and 3 girls from year 5 and 6 took part in the St Albans Cricket Tournament.  It was the perfect weather for cricket and there was some very talented cricketers from around St Albans.  In our pool we played Garden Fields, Killigrew and Wheatfields.  We won our first game, but lost the other two.  We then went on to play a match against Cunninghamhill which we won.
Our children played really well with some fantastic catches and quite a few fours and sixes.  I was also really impressed with the team spirit. There was lots of encouragement and positive comments.
Mrs Astley

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bernards Heath School Games 2014

The day started with a cultural assembly after a beautiful uplifting song, led by year 3 and  miss Millett. The assembly was about reminding the children about the Olympic and Paralympic values and how they might use those in the school games .

Then we were ready for the sporting event… The first half of the school games involved all the children, in small house groups, working around a carousel of 10 sporting activities, such as ladder relay, goal shoot, and skipping. The aim of the events was to earn as many points for their house group as they could. Then it was down to the running track for the second half of the events of sprinting and relays where we saw some amazing individual and team running.

Once all the scores had been added up the house that won the school games was Sapphire. A big well done to all the children who really did show the Olympic and Paralympic values of respect, excellence, friendship, determination, courage, equality and inspiration.

Mrs Astley